Cash Studios is the multidisciplinary creative practice led by artist and filmmaker Ivan Cash, whose human-centric work has an ongoing affair with pop culture.






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We believe in the power of thinking small.
In being real rather than perfect.
In taking risks and breaking rules.
In viewing everything as an experiment.

We believe in making art for humans, not “consumers.”
In talking with people, not at them.
In celebrating simplicity.
In loving what we do.

Through this philosophy, we’ve connected tens of thousands of strangers across the world to draw each other, transformed thousands of emails into handwritten letters, helped redefine the definition of marriage,
made an 86-year old farmer famous, and given the dollar bill a protest-friendly look.

We value people over profit.
Doing over talking.
Making over meetings.

We believe in true balance, yet humbly aspire to make a positive social impact and cause life-changing epiphanies, proving reality is malleable and the future is unwritten. 

We are Cash Studios.

Ivan Cash, Founder



Ivan Cash is an international speaker
and passionate educator who regularly lectures and hosts workshops on:

“The Power of Thinking Small”
• “DIY Culture Jamming”
“Reimagining Our Digital Lives”
• “Taking Risks and Breaking Rules”
• “The Value of Human Connection”


Selected LECTURES:

• SXSW Conference
• Art Directors Club Festival
• Sundance Film Festival
• Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam
• Anomaly, London
• Apple Store, San Francisco
• 72andSunny, Los Angeles
• Pratt Institute, NYC



Cash Studios
3150 18th St. 
Mailbox #116, Suite 345
San Francisco, CA, 94110



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