Talks & Workshops Experience




  • “Honest, creative, inspirational; Ivan’s event was one of the best we have ever hosted and his presentation has stuck with me ever since.”

    - Jeffrey Dickinson, Events Leader at Apple
  • “Ivan is a poised and passionate speaker who inspires his audience. After 25+ talks he was still everyone’s favorite speaker.”

    - Maria Scileppi, Director of 72U at 72andSunny
  • “Ivan’s workshop was amazing, inspiring and really forced people to think about themselves in a new way.”

    - Brendan Watson, Education Director, Art Directors Club
  • “Ivan really made a great impression. I’ve had a bunch of people tell me how inspired they were.”

    - Morgan Carroll, Executive Creative Officer, Digitas LBi
  • “The group loved the workshop! They’re all talking about it and how much fun it was. Ivan really inspired them.”

    - Christian Mitchell, Executive Director, Global MAC Cosmetics
  • “Ivan is a master at inspiring fresh ideas and illuminating new ways of problem solving. He helps teams break out of tunnel vision and find new ideas in unexpected places.”

    - Brian Singer, Design Manager at Pinterest
  • “Ivan is an authentic speaker who's passion for human connection and creativity resonates and inspires his audience. His workshop was interactive, relevant, and a work of storytelling in itself.

    - Christian Rongavilla, Creative Lead at Airbnb

Available for domestic and international opportunities

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